Here’s what developers are saying about Phpconsole:

“Phpconsole has been an extremely useful tool for my development team and me! We can now easily and efficiently log and monitor events during the development process. This becomes especially useful when developing scripts initiated by external sources and cron jobs.”
Josh Van Kley Adair Homes Quote author

“I use Phpconsole at work almost every single day. It has greatly simplified the debugging process for me due to its unobtrusive nature and the way it beautifully formats the data sent to the console. It’s so easy to view the output... and I think that’s my favourite part. I also find that being able to go back and look at data that I’ve sent, 10 minutes, or 2 days ago, very useful.”
Mike Bowzeylo Base2 Studio Quote author

“I absolutely love Phpconsole. I use it to debug issues on a live website, so I can observe the results of user behaviour. I can see what the clients are actually trying to do when the only information they give me is “the website is broken”. It’s a great alternative to simply dumping variables and die during development - particularly useful when it’s not clear where an issue occurs: I can grab multiple data points at once, and from multiple iterations of a loop, to see where things went wrong.”
Heather Evens EMSL Quote author

“I use Phpconsole almost daily. It was a great find for my team and me - it has made the developing process and bug hunting that much easier. I have recommended it to numerous other developers.”
Kristopher Baker Scubaba Quote author

“I signed up to Phpconsole because I was sick and tired of var_dump on buried ajax calls. I have a public facing API, where doing var_dumps or echos would mess things up, so it’s critical I have an out-of-band means to log data. However, the existing Apache and PHP logs are full of generally logging information, and make debugging specific code very difficult. Phpconsole fits the bill perfectly.”
Greg Corrigan Dynatics Quote author

“Using Phpconsole has been a great help when debugging our code in our small team. Being able to debug console, web and mobile through the same interface is a great value, allowing us to be able to debug/track individual users. Using Phpconsole has proven indispensable for personal support for our 15.000+ users.”
Mark Bjærgager NemVagt Quote author
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